Should you wear a bicycle helmet?

Just read an interesting article that brings up the question of whether bicycle helmets actually hurt or help the movement to get more people on bikes.  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/30/sunday-review/to-encourage-biking-cities-forget-about-helmets.html My take on it is that you should wear one if at all possible.  Bicycle helmets are not overly costly for an entry level model that will protect […]

My new ’13 Zaskar Comp

Well 1 month into Mountain Biking and I’m still loving it.  Been riding the 2013 GT Zaskar Comp.  Having a few issues with keeping my rear wheel trued, but Performance Bike has been keeping me on the trails with their free lifetime adjustments.  Still probably less than 100 miles ridden though.  Hoping to get in […]