Snow Riding

Most important lesson I’ve learned for Winter riding is to stay warm.  Bar-Mitts or something similar to keep your hands warm goes a LONG way in making for a fun ride.  Riding in snow is a big challenge, especially for new riders who are still not 100% confident in their skills.  The two biggest things […]

Push 1.0 SuperNova GPS

While looking for a higher accuracy GPS for cycling I ran across the Push 1.0 Supernova. ( )  The device looks promising, it has a great feature set in a small form factor.  With 10Hz GPS it will be much more accurate when riding at high speeds, such as car and motorcycle road racing.  Also […]

Should you wear a bicycle helmet?

Just read an interesting article that brings up the question of whether bicycle helmets actually hurt or help the movement to get more people on bikes. My take on it is that you should wear one if at all possible.  Bicycle helmets are not overly costly for an entry level model that will protect […]